WashU and McDonnell Academy engagement and international partnerships

Together, We Lead Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) and the McDonnell Scholars Academy are dedicated to fostering global engagement and international partnerships.  The McDonnell Scholars Academy at WashU exemplifies our commitment to global education. Nurturing Global Leaders for a Better Tomorrow For nearly 20 years, the McDonnell Scholars Academy has a dual mission. First, we […]

Celebrating achievements and honoring legacies at the McDonnell Academy Recognition Ceremony

The day after WashU’s 2024 commencement, the McDonnell Academy hosted a recognition ceremony to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our graduating Scholars. The event was marked by a sense of celebration and accomplishment as each Scholar received their recognition certificate, marking their transition from students to Scholars for Life. These Scholars have excelled in various […]

Congratulations to our McDonnell Academy graduates

Welcome to Recognition Ceremony 2024. The McDonnell Scholars Academy at Washington University will host its annual recognition ceremony. Tuesday, May 14, 2024Charles F. Knight Center Danforth Campus Our graduating students, Scholars for Life, will give brief remarks during the ceremony and will be individually recognized as they receive their certificates. Registration is closed. Meet the […]

Fueling connections with McDonnell Academy alumni

Celebrating Connections: Highlighting the St. Louis McDonnell Academy Alumni Reception We recently had the pleasure of hosting the St. Louis McDonnell Academy Alumni Reception, a great event that brought together a wonderful group St. Louis alumni, along with their families. The event facilitated the reconnection of old friends and the formation of new connections amid […]

Experience academic excellence with the PhD3D Competition

Join the McDonnell Academy 5th-year PhD students at the upcoming PhDin3D Competition. Similar to the University of Queensland’s 3MT Competition, this event promises an evening of engaging presentations based on research being conducted at WashU. April 10, 2024 | 5:30 PM Charles F. Knight Center, Room 210Danforth Campus Brilliant minds, groundbreaking research, and just three […]

Navigating politics, culture and global leadership in Washington DC

This spring, McDonnell Scholars from the 2022 and 2023 cohorts visited the nation’s capital to experience first-hand Washington, D.C.’s political and cultural landscape, expand their professional network, and build personal connections through their shared experience. Joining them on the trip were founding benefactor, John McDonnell, and Chancellor Emeritus Mark Wrighton, both of whom remain actively […]

Exploring Bayer: McDonnell Scholars’ insightful journey

During a special visit to Bayer Crop Science in St. Louis, over 20 McDonnell Scholars had the opportunity to network with experts across multiple sectors during panel sessions. They also gained firsthand knowledge of Bayer’s unique B4U Program and its impact on healthcare and agriculture. Through engaging discussions, a guided tour, and a networking lunch, […]

Honoring Jim & Mary Wertsch

Jim and Mary Wertsch have left an indelible mark on Washington University through over 20 years of dedicated service. Their leadership has been instrumental in shaping the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, fostering global collaboration and addressing critical challenges. As they embark on a new chapter, it’s essential to recognize their extraordinary contributions. We invite the […]

From campus to continents: Scholars for Life, leaders for a global network

Fostering stronger connections, McDonnell Academy introduces Alumni Regional Events—a new initiative for global community engagement. This initiative seeks to engage the St. Louis McDonnell Academy alumni and expand professional networks. We hope this local initiative will serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives among our regional alumni, both in the U.S. and abroad. Join our […]

Seeds of Impact

2023 Global Seed Grant Web Banner

Nurturing research through Global Accelerator Grants Since its 2020 inception, the McDonnell Academy Seed Grant initiative has served as researchers’ starting point. This year, we expanded it by integrating the McDonnell Academy Global Accelerator Grant, enhancing opportunities for endeavors gaining momentum. This crucial support nurtures initial ideas, ensures preliminary data collection, and propels projects to […]