The McDonnell Academy works closely with distinguished faculty across disciplines and key leaders in the areas of politics, business, science, engineering, and international relations.

Vijay Ramani

WashU Global Leadership

Vijay Ramani

Vice Provost for Graduate Education & International Affairs & Executive Director, McDonnell International Scholars Academy

Envisioning and achieving distinctive and inclusive excellence at scale in graduate education is critical to fulfilling the university’s mission as well as to further elevating our reputation through regional, national and global impact.



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Expansion of the McDonell Academy’s executive management provides a collaborative partner to strengthen global connections and broaden interdisciplinary initiatives.

McDonnell Academy Leadership

Laura Benoist

Director, McDonnell International Scholars Acaemy

The McDonnell Academy aims to inspire Scholars and  meet their needs as developing world changers and global citizens. It has never been more essential to empower these emerging leaders to work together to solve our most challenging problems.

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Jean Allman (l), McDonnell Ambassador to University of Ghana during Welcome Dinner for McDonnell Scholars.

McDonnell Ambassadors

The McDonnell Academy Ambassadors are distinguished faculty who mentor Scholars and promote the development of international cooperation among partner universities and sponsoring corporations.

Ambassadors play a key role in every aspect of the McDonnell Academy, from recruiting new Scholars to creating and facilitating international collaborations with McDonnell Academy partners.

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