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Strength from adversity

A snapshot of McDonnell Academy impact for the year

After two years of a global pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and other challenges for international education, the McDonnell International Scholars Academy has emerged strong. The number of students applying to the McDonnell Academy has quadrupled, the diversity of Scholars has increased, our alumni have remained engaged and new research initiatives have strengthened our international partnerships.

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Why should you become a McDonnell Scholar?

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy provides the network with which Washington University in St. Louis incubates new ideas and mentors future leaders. Through our partnerships, we lead groundbreaking research projects and prepare our Scholars to be effective leaders in a global community.

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Our Scholars

Scholars are selected on the basis of their promise to become future leaders in academia, government, the professions, or the corporate world. The Academy provides academic, cultural, and social opportunities to help Scholars develop into future leaders knowledgeable about the world and critical international issues.

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Ganesh Chelluboyina

The ringside view of policymaking that was afforded to me during the (cohort) trip allowed me to appreciate the particular challenges encountered while solving real-world problems.

Ganesh Chelluboyina McDonnell Scholar | Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Our Ambassadors

A special feature of the McDonnell Academy is that each Scholar has a mentor. Each mentor also serves as an ambassador. The Ambassadors are distinguished faculty who serve as mentors to Scholars and are charged with strengthening collaboration with our partner universities. Collaborative efforts engage WashU faculty and students, and those of the partner universities, activities that enhance scholarship and international

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The McDonnell International Scholars Academy is educating the next generation of leaders to collaboratively take on the emerging global challenges of their times. I am privileged to be a mentor for these young leaders and to work with the international partners on such an important mission.

Young-Shin Jun Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, McKelvey School of Engineering, and McDonnell Ambassador, Seoul National University, South Korea

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Reaffirming the intrinsic value of our international community

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin

Members of our WashU community who come to us from around the world play a vital role in making the university the exceptional institution it is today.

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