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Congratulations to our McDonnell Academy graduates

Welcome to Recognition Ceremony 2023.

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis will host its annual recognition ceremony on Tuesday, May 16, in the Charles F. Knight Center on the Danforth Campus of WashU.

Our graduating students, Scholars for Life, will give brief remarks during the ceremony and will be individually recognized as they receive their certificates.

Registration is required to attend.

Congratulate the Graduates!

All faculty, staff, students, families and friends of the Washington University community are invited to share video and photo messages of congratulations and support to the McDonnell Academy graduates.

Photos and videos submitted by May 7 will be shared during the Recognition Ceremony. We will accept general and specific call-outs to Scholars. We would love to see a variety and personalization!

Meet the Graduates

Clifford Atuiri

University of Ghana

Enoch Azasu

University of Ghana

Harper Chen

National Taiwan University

Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellow

Emerald Deku

University of Ghana

Shumyle Haider

Global Scholar-Pakistan

Clarice Hong

National University of Singapore

Lee Foundation Fellow

Shiao-Yun (Jocelyn) Huang

National Taiwan University

Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellow

McDonnell Academy Alumni – Scholars for Life

Part of the McDonnell Academy’s core mission is to foster close relationships among future global leaders. Our Scholars emerge from the McDonnell Academy program as global citizens and responsible leaders empowered to forge productive careers and impact our global community.

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