Honoring Jim & Mary Wertsch

Jim and Mary Wertsch have left an indelible mark on Washington University through over 20 years of dedicated service. Their leadership has been instrumental in shaping the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, fostering global collaboration and addressing critical challenges. As they embark on a new chapter, it’s essential to recognize their extraordinary contributions. We invite the McDonnell Academy community to participate in a special tribute by sharing memories and well-wishes through short videos.

Let’s come together to celebrate Jim and Mary’s legacy and express our gratitude for their profound impact on our community.

Please submit video before April 1, 2024.

Please see two options available below to submit your video.


We are sending Jim & Mary off with the appreciation and recognition they deserve. Tribute is one easy way to collect and compile videos from our community.

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Wertsch Tribute Video Card Submission

1. Send us a quick video clip sharing your memories and well-wishes for Jim and Mary.

2. Video should be less than 2 minutes long.

3. If you record in a language other than English, please provide English translation in the Text Translation box.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

NOTE: If you are unable to access or your video is too large to upload from this page, please use one of the following platforms and email to

  • WeTransfer
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