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Exploring Bayer: McDonnell Scholars’ insightful journey

During a special visit to Bayer Crop Science in St. Louis, over 20 McDonnell Scholars had the opportunity to network with experts across multiple sectors during panel sessions. They also gained firsthand knowledge of Bayer’s unique B4U Program and its impact on healthcare and agriculture.

Through engaging discussions, a guided tour, and a networking lunch, Scholars deepened their understanding of the intersection between academia and industry.

Read personal accounts from Scholars who were part of this engaging experience and visit the Academy Flickr page for photos from the event.

VaNetta Clark

Touring the Bayer Crop Science campus was an exceptional experience, and yields to us an enriching multidimensional model for global leadership and innovation in this new frontier.

Gloria Wiredu

At the heart of the Bayer Crop Science Research Center, a panel discussion vividly showcased the dynamic interplay between academia and industry, highlighting the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Stepping into the world of Bayer with our exclusive corporate showcase, McDonnell Scholars experienced firsthand the embodiment of the McDonnell Academy’s three pillars: engaged in discussions on leadership development while exploring Bayer’s diverse sectors, from crop science to pharma, and consumer health; established connections within a strong scientific community; and fostered international collaboration with a global mindset while navigating the intersection of academia and industry together.