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Nurturing research through Global Accelerator Grants

Since its 2020 inception, the McDonnell Academy Seed Grant initiative has served as researchers’ starting point. This year, we expanded it by integrating the McDonnell Academy Global Accelerator Grant, enhancing opportunities for endeavors gaining momentum. This crucial support nurtures initial ideas, ensures preliminary data collection, and propels projects to advance human health and humanity. Collaboratively with the Office of the Provost, this year’s enrichment aligns with the “Here & Next” Strategic Plan priorities. This dedication signifies support for initiatives contributing to both the academic community and society.

Global Health

Global Health

Professor Brian Carpenter, School of Arts & Sciences, and team explore the intricacies of grief with “Investigating the Importance of Saying Goodbye: Factors Affecting Grief and Bereavement Following a COVID-19 Death,” backed by a $20,400 Global Accelerator Grant. This research reflects their commitment to unraveling the emotional aftermath of the pandemic.

At the School of Medicine, Dr. George Kyei and Dr. Caline Mattar’s project, “Characterizing Resistance to Improve Antimicrobial Prescribing” at the University of Ghana Medical Center, secures a $30,000 Global Accelerator Grant, playing a critical role in the global fight against antibiotic resistance. Dr. Jorge Llibre-Buerra leads a dedicated team advancing medical genetic services and family counseling for Alzheimer’s disease in Latin America, backed by a $30,000 Global Accelerator Grant. Dr. Dominic Reeds and team explore “Nutritional interventions for diabetes remission” in Rwanda. Supported by a $30,000 Global Accelerator Grant, their research is poised to uncover effective nutritional strategies, assisting the fight against diabetes in the Rwandan population.


The Environment

In a different realm, researchers led by Dr. Jonathan Losos, the William H. Danforth Distinguished University Professor, explore the evolutionary adaptations of feral cats in Australia, receiving a $30,000 Global Accelerator Grant and contributing to the broader understanding of evolutionary processes.

Over at the McKelvey School of Engineering, Dr. Randall Martin, the Raymond R. Tucker Distinguished Professor, and team secure a $10,000 Global Accelerator Grant, fostering global dialogue through support of the 11th International GEOS-Chem Meeting (IGC11). This grant serves as a vital resource, aiding efforts to contribute to global discussions about atmospheric chemistry, inspiring research groups to tackle diverse challenges in atmospheric composition.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

At the Brown School, Professor Mitra Naseh’s team delves into a significant exploration with their project, “A Feasibility Study of a Virtual Mental Health Intervention for Disaster Survivors,” supported by a $23,580 Global Accelerator Grant. This financial boost not only affirms the project’s importance but also emphasizes its potential for improving our understanding of providing mental health support in the aftermath of disasters.

Professor Ran Sheng in the School of Arts & Sciences, explores the complicated world of superconductors, expanding our understanding of physics with a project on the “Detection of the Surface State of Topological Superconductors,” supported by a $30,000 Global Accelerator Grant.

Research Conferences

In the Olin Business School, Professor Zhao Minyuan leads an exploration into business frontiers with the project, “Innovation and Intellectual Property: Firm Strategies and Policy Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World.” This initiative, supported by a $10,000 Global Accelerator Grant, examines the relationship between innovation, intellectual property, and the changing dynamics of the business world.

Faculty Network

Mitra Naseh, Randall Martin, Zhao Minyuan
Mitra Naseh, Randall Martin, Zhao Minyuan
Brian Carpenter, Jonathan Losos, Ran Cheng
Brian Carpenter, Jonathan Losos, Ran Sheng
Dominic Reeds, Jorge Libra-Buerra, Caline Mattar, George Kyei
Dominic Reeds, Jorge Libra-Buerra, Caline Mattar, George Kyei

The selection process for these grants was rigorous and highly competitive. Each proposal underwent scrutiny based on its significance, potential impact, and the likelihood of securing next-stage funding. The chosen projects not only met but exceeded these criteria, a testament to the caliber of research within our academic network.

Fostering Collaboration for Future Growth

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy’s Global Accelerator Grants is a resource that helps to propel ideas from seeds to fruition, extending beyond campus boundaries, promising innovation, and collaboration. 


McDonnell Academy Seed Grants Ignite Momentum

When available, McDonnell Academy seed funding is distributed through open calls for applications published on this page. Seed grants typically support research projects that involve at least one collaborator from WashU and international collaborators from the Academy’s partnership network. To receive information about future calls, please contact the McDonnell International Scholars Academy to be added to our email list by using the link below

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