Imagine how valuable it would be to have insightful, timely, helpful advice at times of transition in your life – that value speaks to the power of mentorship.

The McDonnell Academy Mentorship Network has been developed to help foster meaningful relationships among Scholars and McDonnell Alumni. A strong mentorship program has the power to mutually benefit mentors and mentees:

  • Mentees have the opportunity to receive advice, guidance, and perspective from their mentors – assisting Scholars in growing professionally and offering resources for development.
  • Mentors have an opportunity to share their story and invest their time in a rewarding relationship with a Scholar who is eager to learn from them, as well as mutually learn from the mentee about their industry, profession, and perspective.

Alumni Mentors

Opportunity to share professional and personal experience, and expertise with current Scholars. Mentors will be able to:

  • Share advice
  • Provide insight
  • Identify resources

Scholar Mentees

Exclusive access to an international network of alumni who are eager and willing to connect. Mentees can expect:

  • Academic guidance
  • Career advice
  • Personal development

Getting Connected may be easy, but Staying Connected can be a challenge.

Like all relationships worth pursuing, mentoring relationships demand time and energy. Frequency and form of communication can be determined together – remember, mentoring is an equal partnership.

  • be flexible with your schedule
  • be honest about other commitments
  • respect each other’s time

Building a foundation is the first step in this relationship. It is helpful to discuss the expectations the mentor has of the mentee, and expectations the mentee has of the mentor. This way, the relationship will start on the same page. We recommend being open and honest with one another. Sharing experiences and having open conversations are imperative in building this relationship and developing trust.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Mentorship | Including suggestions for virtual activities

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McDonnell Academy Community | LinkedIn

McDonnell Scholars and alumni interested in contacting volunteer mentors can access our Group from the McDonnell Academy LinkedIn homepage. LinkedIn Groups provide a place for the McDonnell Academy community to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.

Use the tips for success and the FAQ’s to make your connection!

While internships and specific job opportunities may arise naturally from your encounters, the McDonnell Mentor Database is NOT intended as a job search tool.

McDonnell Academy Mentorship Network Committee