The McDonnell Academy Flash Mentoring sessions provide opportunities for engagement through a virtual model open to all of our alumni around the world.


How does Flash Mentoring work?

The McDonnell Academy will host alumni interested in providing brief answers to Scholars and other alumni regarding their career, leadership or personal goals. Each Zoom room will have a mentor and 3-4 mentees assigned for a 15-minute session. After the first round, mentees will “move” to the next Zoom room and round two begins. We hope to complete at least three rounds depending on the number of mentors available. Additional discussions and networking may take place during the last 15-minutes of the session.

McDonnell Alumni Virtual Mentoring Session

  • One-Hour Zoom Sessions
  • 1-2 Sessions per semester
  • Up to 5 Breakout Rooms per session
    • We will spend about 5 minutes together doing introductions,
    • then 15 minutes per alumnus in a breakout room with 3-4 mentees, then alumni will rotate to the next break out room,
    • to complete at least three rounds of 15-minute sessions,
    • then everyone comes back together for 5-10 minute networking and final questions.

Visit this page for continued updates. Meanwhile, if you are interested in volunteering as an alumni mentor, please click the link below to provide your contact information.