McDonnell Academy Alumni stay connected

MISA Alumni Singapore
Pictured from left to right, Michael Ong, Clinton Shi and spouse, Sherria Ayuandini, and Dor Kedem.

Michael Ong shared a snapshot from his recent trip to Singapore, where he met Clinton Shi, Sherria Ayuandini, and Dor Kedem, who are all McDonnell Academy alumni. Sherria and Dor recently relocated from the Netherlands to Singapore, and Clinton returned to Singapore after his graduation from WashU.

Michael, Sherria, and Dor were panelists for a recent McDonnell Academy virtual mentorship session and had planned to meet when Michael announced that he would be visiting Singapore in the spring. 

We met up to connect after the recent speed mentoring session. Especially since I found out that Dor and Sherria recently moved to Singapore. Clinton and Lynn joined in the lunch get-together. I knew of Clinton but had never met him in person. It was fun to connect as friends, just catching up with one another about our lives and careers.

Michael Ong

This narrative serves as a testament to the strength of the bonds forged within the shared experience of the McDonnell Academy community. From the virtual realm to tangible connections, Scholars for Life uphold the essence of our global network.

Staying engaged with the McDonnell International Scholars Academy can connect you to a network of alumni and Scholars in your community and around the world.