From campus to continents: Scholars for Life, leaders for a global network

Fostering stronger connections, McDonnell Academy introduces Alumni Regional Events—a new initiative for global community engagement. This initiative seeks to engage the St. Louis McDonnell Academy alumni and expand professional networks. We hope this local initiative will serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives among our regional alumni, both in the U.S. and abroad. Join our […]

McDonnell Academy Alumni stay connected

MISA Alumni Singapore

Staying engaged with the McDonnell International Scholars Academy can connect you to a network of alumni and Scholars in your community and around the world.

Academy Director connects with McDonnell alumni

LauraBenoist Chuanmei Zhu

McDonnell Academy alumna Chuanmei Zhu, who earned her PhD in Plant and Microbial Bioscience from WashU in 2014, recently reconnected with Laura Benoist, director of the McDonnell Academy. Zhu currently serves as the VP of Data Science, Partnership, and Outreach at Premier Strategy Consulting, LLC. Her success is a testament to how McDonnell Academy graduates […]

Empowering women through gaming


Sherria Ayuandini, a devoted board game fan, frequently hosted game nights with the McDonnell Academy Scholars when she lived in St. Louis. Dr. Ayuandini is a McDonnell Academy alumnus and partner Scholar from the University of Indonesia. Her 30th birthday bash, a colossal game night, became the “highlight of her decade” as many Scholars joined […]

Virtual mentorship provides insight and advice

Alumni Virtual Mentorship

This year, the McDonnell Academy Flash Mentoring sessions provided opportunities for engagement through a virtual model. Open to all McDonnell Academy Scholars and our alumni around the world, we hosted two sessions during the fall semester and plan to host more sessions in Spring 2023.  Scholars were able to chat one-on-one with multiple alumni about academics, career experiences, […]