University of Chile


The University of Chile is a prestigious national and public university located in Santiago of Chile. It was founded in 1842. It is the oldest and most prestigious in the country. It was established as the continuation of the former colonial Royal University of San Felipe (1738) and has a rich history in academic, scientific and social outreach. The university seeks to solve national and regional issues and to contribute to the development of Chile. It is recognized as one of the best universities in Chile and Latin America for its leadership and innovation in science, technology, social sciences, and arts through the functions of creation, extension, teaching, and research.

Notable alumni include two Nobel laureates (Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral) and twenty Chilean presidents, among many others.


Tabea A Linhard

Tabea A Linhard

Ambassador to University of Chile

Director of Global Studies and Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Arts & Sciences