Gang (Jade) Huang

Arts & Sciences: Chinese & Comparative Literature (PhD)

Gang Huang studies the political sentiments in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through the lens of youth activism, nationalism, authoritarianism, and COVID-19 narratives in the New Cold War and post-pandemic era. By conducting a cultural analysis of the “anti-China” sentiment, their research will shed light on a political sentiment that manifests xenophobia, ethnonationalism, and fear politics. They then propose an emotive political negotiation based on decolonial collaboration among these places.

An award-winning poet from Taiwan, Gang writes about Taiwanese indigenous culture and gender and sexual minorities. Their poetry collection Who Cuts the Tribe in Half (2014), funded by Taiwan’s National Cultures and Arts Foundation, was one of the finalists of the prestigious Taiwan Literature Awards and won the 1st Yang Mu Literary Prize. An anthology they coedited Under the Same Roof: A Poetry Anthology for LGBT (2019) is the first LGBTQIA+ poetry anthology in the Chinese-language world. Their current poetry project THEY: The Life Stories of Sinophone Queers (forthcoming in Fall 2023) is a contemporary body topology of the Sinophone queer people, interwoven by their social experiences and gender explorations.