Melody Frempong

Melody Konadu Frempong

Brown School: Social Work (MSW)

Konadu Frempong publishes substance use intervention research

February 2023 – Melody Konadu Frempong’s research on substance use interventions was recently published with Springer Nature in the Journal of Global Social Welfare. Melody’s research explores the experiences of substance users (specifically opioid users) and service providers in the Naloxone Program in Spain and the challenges they face. The research findings indicate that overdose death is potentially evitable through peer naloxone programs. Expanding access to naloxone programs could contribute to solving the opioid pandemic. Read more about Melody’s research at

Melody Konadu Frempong Awarded Tandy Levin Fund

October 2022 – Melody Konadu Frempong has been awarded the Tandy Levin Fund to attend the 67th American Academy of Psychotherapists Annual Conference (AAPAC) in Memphis, Tennessee on October 26 – 30, 2022. The AAPAC is a professional development opportunity that provides learning and growth opportunities for mental health professionals, graduate mental health students, and new therapists.

Melody is a 2nd-year Scholar pursuing a Master of Social Work at Brown School. She is a graduate of McDonnell Academy partner institution, the University of Ghana.

Melody Konadu Frempong selected to present at RWoW Symposium

April 2022 – First-year McDonnell Scholar, Melody Konadu Frempong presented her research at the Research Without (RWoW) Virtual Symposium. Melody’s poster, “It saved my life three times”. Attitudes and Perceptions of Harm Reduction in Drug Treatment: Decoding Peer Distribution of Naloxone, examines harm reduction services and how the implementation of harm reduction policies and programs can be strengthened to promote access to substance use treatment among populations with substance-use disorders. Read more about Melody’s research.