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Cabot-Zhang Lecture explores innovative healthcare

Cabot-Zhang Endowed Lecture
Tao Ju, Laura Benoist, Bob Holden, Min Fan and Zhi Min Sim during the McDonnell Academy Cabot Zhang Lecture, January 2024.

The McDonnell Academy Cabot Corporation-Xinsheng Zhang Endowed Lectureship at Washington University in St. Louis hosted a presentation and discussion on Building the future of innovative healthcare.

Tuesday, January 30, 4:30 PM
Clark-Fox Forum in Hillman Hall | Danforth Campus | Washington University in St. Louis

Forging Healthcare Innovation: Insights from the Cabot-Zhang panel

At the recent McDonnell Academy Cabot Zhang Lecture, an engaging panel explored the impact of collaboration on innovative healthcare. Zhi Min Sim, director of partnerships and strategy at Tsinghua Medicine – Tsinghua University, along with distinguished leaders of the US China Heartland Association (USHCA) including Min Fan, executive director, and former Missouri governor Bob Holden, chairman and president, shared their insights on the future of innovative healthcare, underscoring the shared commitment to shaping the future of healthcare through collaborative initiatives. 

Sim, Ju
Fan, Holden
Fan, Holden, Sim, Ju

Sim offered perspectives on the continued developments in academic medicine within the framework of China’s healthcare system and ongoing reform initiatives. Fan and former governor Holden emphasized the importance of international partnerships in advancing healthcare innovation.

The session, moderated by Professor Ju Tao, McKelvey School of Engineering, offered valuable insights and sparked engaging discussions during the audience Q&A, which primarily revolved around actionable steps for fostering collaborative efforts. Attendees were interested in understanding the practical aspects of building a bridge between institutions and nations in the pursuit of innovative healthcare solutions. 

The Cabot-Zhang lecture served as an important forum for the collaboration between the USHCA, Tsinghua University and the McDonnell Academy at WashU, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing healthcare research and fostering impactful partnerships.

View photos from the Cabot-Zhang Lecture on the McDonnell Academy Flickr page.

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Cabot-Zhang Panel

Tao Ju

Tao Ju is Professor & Associate Chair of Research in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. One focus of his research is on bio-medical applications, in particular geometric algorithms for analyzing bio-medical images and volumes. Ju is the McDonnell Academy Ambassador to Tsinghua University.

Featured Panelists

Bob Holden served as Missouri’s 53rd Governor, 2001-2005. Prior to being elected Governor, Holden served two terms as Missouri State Treasurer and three terms as a Missouri State Representative. Gov. Holden serves as Chairman and President of the U.S. Heartland China Association.

Zhi Min Sim is the Director of Partnerships and Strategy at Tsinghua Medicine – Tsinghua University’s newly formed academic medical center overseeing five Tsinghua constituent schools and three affiliated hospitals. Sim started his career designing drones and robots for commercial and military applications before co-founding the Singapore technology company, Yonah, a drone logistics company that worked on improving public health outcomes in infrastructure-poor territories, such as Papua New Guinea. 

Min Fan was born in China and studied at Peking University before immigrating to the United States. Prior to joining the US Heartland China Association, Min launched US China Now, a not-for-profit endeavor, which partnered with a broad spectrum of organizations to build a bridge of understanding across the cultural divide between US and China. She currently serves as the Director of the U.S. Heartland China Association.

About the Cabot-Zhang Lectureship at WashU

The series has been made possible by a generous gift from Cabot Corporation honoring the leadership and service of Xinsheng Zhang, through the establishment of the Cabot Corporation – Xinsheng Zhang Endowed Lectures Fund to the McDonnnell International Scholars Academy. It hosts distinguished guest speakers in business, academia, government, and the non-profit sector, with an emphasis on China.

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