Sherria Ayuandini

Sherria Ayuandini

Arts & Sciences: Anthropology, PhD

Director, Evaluation Strategy and Implementation, Research For Impact, Singapore 

Sherria has more than 15 years of international research experience. In 2018, she and some of her colleagues established Empatika, a people-centered research organization for immersive and participatory research to inform policymaking. With Empatika, she has worked in Ghana, providing policy inputs on sexual and reproductive rights for young people, in Uganda on social assistance and poverty alleviation for senior citizens, in Bangladesh on child labor, and in Lebanon on social tension between Syrian refugees and the local population. In a personal capacity, Sherria has advised the government of Tajikistan on a civil registry for citizenship rights through her work with UNDP. Currently, she is working with Unicef on a public health research project in Eastern Indonesia for the eradication of malaria and with UNFPA on addressing the issue of teenage pregnancy in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Her current appointment with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) sees her leading a 10 million euros research and intervention project in the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and South Africa. In 2020, Sherria received the prestigious Veni grant from the Dutch government. The 250,000 euros personal research grant is awarded to early career researchers in the top 1% of their field.

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