Miao Hu

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Architecture (MArch)

Hu Miao was born and raised in Beijing, China. In 2022, she completed her bachelor’s degree in environmental design from Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design. Driven by a desire to further explore the architectural field, she joined the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis in 2023 to pursue a master’s degree in architecture. Throughout her academic journey, Hu Miao actively engaged in volunteer activities and embarked on field studies and practice to broaden her understanding of diverse communities. In particular, she devoted her efforts to underdeveloped areas, leading design projects focused on rural revitalization. These experiences not only deepened her understanding of architecture’s transformative power but also reinforced her commitment to making a positive impact on communities through thoughtful design.

Beyond her architectural pursuits, Hu Miao finds inspiration in music and art. She is also an oboe player and a painter. The harmonious interplay between her architectural and artistic interests allows her to approach design with a unique perspective and a keen appreciation for aesthetics.