Meenakshi Jha

Meenakshi Jha

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Visual Arts, MFA

Mee Jey is an Indian multidisciplinary artist. She received her MFA from Sam Fox School of Arts and MA in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi). An alum of the McDonnell Academy, she is also a recipient of the Legislative Fellowship (LFP2017), RAC Community Arts Fellow (2020), Rajasthan State Award (2016), and Sam Fox Dean’s Grant (2018, 2019) for her community-based art projects in India and the United States. Currently, her art projects have been focused on global immigrant issues and the impact of war and violence on children.

Mee Jey, an immigrant artist from India, tells community stories through her art in St. Louis and abroad.

Scholar Highlight

Meenakshi Jha 2022 Saint Louis Visionary Awards Honoree

Meenakshi Jha to receives 2022 Saint Louis Visionary Emerging Artist Award. The prestigious award celebrates the contributions and achievements of women who work or support the arts in the Greater St. Louis region.