Liao, Ling

Ling (Aileen) Liao

Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences: Computational and Systems Biology

Scholar Highlight

Deep Vision Shapes Leadership

The process to determining the fundamental factor for success is Deep Vision. Words like “we need a vision to become successful leaders” are widespread. But what does “vision” mean? Does it mean that we better start preparing today for tomorrow’s goals? What if I quit halfway? Does that mean I lack vision?

We can start learning from successful leaders. These leaders either make breakthroughs in their research fields or produce amazing products in industry. Yiming Zhang, for example, is 39 years old, and has 49.5 billion USD net worth. He founded ByteDance, whose 2021 revenue was $58B. He states that culture and team cohesion are the core factors leading to a B2C company’s success.

Yiming Zhang states that building a company with high market value requires great profit and decent income. To obtain these, high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty are required. Amazing products are the vehicle to meet their expectation.  Only amazing teams could possibly build and maintain that vehicle.

Passionate and creative talents might not prefer teamwork, but strong leaders make things happen.  Scientific nerds and creative weirdos can generate crazy ideas. They can bring them to life in the real world as long as they are lucky enough to be accepted by their peers and society. As a result, much talent dies because of their trivial “weird” habits, personality quirks, and inability to adhere to social norms. We now expect strong leaders to make things better and create an inclusive environment to embrace their quirks.

Transparent, open and inclusive modernized culture nurtures outstanding leaders.

For instance, American’s culture keeps raising the most influential and successful leaders all over the world. U.S culture welcomes friends all over the world. People see opportunities here, and the residents often benefit. For example, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. whose coming brought us the first African-American president of the United States. Albert Einstein is another example of one who embraced US openness and succeeded as a result.

To conclude, Deep Vision helps us screen out the core factor to make things right. It is vital for leaders who decide direction, distribute resources and build teams to develop Deep Vision on day zero. Their vision shapes the future of human beings.