Justina Starrad

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Landscape Architecture and Urban Design (MLA/MUD)
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    Global Scholars Program
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Justina Starrad is an architectural designer from Spanish Town, Jamaica, whose interests are rooted in using design to advantage the latent potential of culture and community. Justina earned a Master of Architecture from The Howard University College of Engineering and Architecture in May of 2021. Her final thesis titled “Water Lane” was awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Medal for Academic Excellence. Inspired by her parent’s small business and Jamaica’s culture of informality, the project rehabilitates abandoned buildings in Downtown Kingston’s emerging arts district through the strategic insertion of customizable vending spaces.

During her time at Howard University, Justina contributed to various projects with local and global impact. Most notably, her work at the intersection of design and social justice at Tired-a-Lot Studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Autodesk in San Francisco are her most prized accomplishments. Through these experiences, Justina has cultivated a nuanced design perspective that she is confident will add a unique voice to the field of architecture. As the daughter of restaurant owners, Justina’s favorite pastime is eating, rivaled only by her love for cooking. She loves to travel and is excited to rediscover her love for art in St. Louis.