Jiayang Chen

Global Parents & Alumni Fellow
Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Cell Biology

Scholar Highlight

Jiayang Chen Publishes First Lead Author Paper

Jiayang Chen whose paper, “A MYT1L syndrome mouse model recapitulates patient phenotypes and reveals altered brain development due to disrupted neuronal maturation,” was recently published in Neuron. Chen et al. established the first mouse model of autism/intellectual disability related MYT1L Syndrome and investigate MYT1L’s function across development in vivo. They show MYT1L loss of function leads to deficits in cell proliferation, neuronal maturation, and human ADHD/ASD-related behaviors, enabling future preclinical studies for disease therapies.

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Early maturity: Compared with wildtype mouse neurons (left), those in mice with a mutation to the gene MYT1L (right) mature before they can proliferate, leading to a smaller-than-average brain.
Courtesy of Jiayang Chen, Mary Lambo, Dora Tabachnick / Washington University St. Louis