Fateme Mohseni

Arts & Sciences: Psychology, (PhD)


Fateme Mohseni is a Ph.D. student in psychology at Washington University in Saint Louis. She earned her bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology from Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. She moved to Hong Kong and get her master of psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Fateme’s area of research initially focused on early literacy and she contributed to writing several papers and a chapter on early literacy in Persian, literacy, and numeracy home environment. She did cross-cultural studies between Asian countries especially Persian and Chinese literacy.

Fateme is currently in Cognition & Development Lab and her research focuses on finding the emergence and developmental trajectory of trust across race and socioeconomic contexts in early childhood. The findings will contribute to theories of race, identity, and social interactions both within and across groups in developmental psychology and beyond (e.g., in social psychology), and has implications for early childhood development and later education. The results have a practical impact in that they could provide the basis for educators to develop materials to be used by early childhood educators with better tools for teachers working with children from underrepresented racial backgrounds.