Eddie Mukasa Kirumira

Brown School: Social Work (MSW)


Eddie has spent over 12 years serving as an educator at St. Barnabas Elementary School in Kampala-Uganda. 90% of Eddie’s students come from slums and war-torn areas from neighboring countries. Very often these students suffer from trauma and other related mental and social problems. Eddie decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology with the motive of acquiring skills and knowledge to deal with mental health issues among his students. He graduated in 2021 with first-class honors from Makerere University. For over 7 years, Eddie has also volunteered with Hope for Children, a nonprofit organization providing education to students from slums and other low-resource communities. Eddie is the founder of Girls and Boys of Power Club, which teaches young boys and girls practical skills in the Namuwongo slum to enable them to raise money and sustain their basic needs. In 2022, Eddie was nominated by the United States government to participate in a professional development research program under the Fulbright Scholarship at Arizona State University. As a result of his research project about the differentiated teaching and learning strategies of students with special needs, Eddie designed a teaching website to help teachers and caregivers dealing with children with special needs.