Andrea Paes

André Luiz Paes de Lima

McKelvey School of Engineering: Systems Science and Mathematics, (PhD)

André Paes earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and is currently a PhD student in Systems Engineering. During his graduation years, he worked on a project related to the development of a microfluidic system for cationic liposomes DNA incorporation utilized in medical processes. He also complemented part of his studies at the University of Manchester and executed a project in petrochemical process simulation, optimization, and control. During his master’s years, he worked mostly on his project aimed at the conception of a novel methodology for the tuning of Model Predictive Controllers, with applications in industrial processes optimization, which also awarded him with a publication in a book series. He worked as a TA in simulation computational methodologies, a course offered by his university in a foreign language.

In his spare time, André Paes collaborated with the UNICAMP Tae Kwon Do team, serving as a martial arts instructor for children. His current research is related to the optimization of ensemble systems control, using a wide range of mathematical and computational methodologies, and with possible applications in interdisciplinary areas.