Celebrating research excellence at PhDin3D competition

Seven senior Scholars competed for prizes and recognition at the annual McDonnell Academy PhD-in-3D competition on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. Scholars were challenged to explain their research to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes. The competition was fierce, sparking a lively debate among judges, Richard Lawrence, head of genome editing, yield, disease, and quality research at Bayer Crop Science, Proscovia Nabunya, assistant professor of social work at Brown School, Roger Rowe, McDonnell Scholar alumnus and engineering manager at Caeli Vascular, and Xingguo Zheng, senior research scientist at Bayer Crop Science.

The Scholars presented a wide range of fascinating topics, from intellectual property to sustainable fuel, showcasing the depth and richness of the research being conducted across various fields. Each participant skillfully condensed years of study and hard work into a concise and engaging presentation, captivating the audience with their passion and expertise.

As the competition progressed, the judges found themselves faced with the difficult task of selecting winners from such a talented group of individuals. However, after much deliberation, the top prizes were awarded to Scholars whose presentations not only demonstrated a deep understanding of their subject matter but also effectively communicated the significance of their research to a broader audience. Additionally, the audience’s choice winner, selected through live voting, further underscored the quality of the presentations and the engagement of the attendees.

The event concluded with a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among the Scholars, who had all demonstrated exceptional dedication to their academic pursuits. The annual PhD-in-3D competition once again proved to be a platform for celebrating innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge, leaving all in attendance inspired by the passion and intellect of the next generation of researchers.

Congratulations to our winners!!

First Place

Shih-Wen Liu

Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellow

National Taiwan University
Economics (PhD), Arts & Sciences

Runner Up

Leo Lam

Lo Fellow

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Economics (PhD), Arts & Sciences

People’s Choice Award

Ghiska Ramahdita

James V. and Mary E. Wertsch Fellow

University of Indonesia
Mechanical Engineering (PhD), McKelvey School of Engineering