In recognition of the visionary role that Mark S. Wrighton played in founding the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, the Mark S. Wrighton Leadership Fellows Program is intended to help motivated Scholars enhance their leadership capabilities in a way customized to their needs and career.

The program provides personalized leadership coaching combined with a leadership experience, to help Scholars build their leadership skills. 

A Wrighton Fellow would have the opportunity to:

  • Work on a personalized leadership development plan while completing a project or leadership opportunity of their choosing.
    1. Leadership is learned through experience, and selected scholars are required to be involved in a tangible project or leadership role to be eligible.
    2. The plan will link specific leadership skill sets to different career paths.
    3. Exercises will include personal self-awareness, communication styles, clarifying values, etc.
  • Attend 4-5 personalized coaching sessions over the course of a semester with a certified leadership coach.
  • Assess their development based on goals set with the coach at the outset of the one-semester coaching program.

All McDonnell Scholars are eligible for this experience, but the selection committee will look to select Scholars who are in the middle or end of their program.  All Scholars need a project or leadership experience to be eligible for the program.  If you do not have a specific leadership position or project, the McDonnell Academy is considering how to increase the impact of the Scholar Engagement Committee (SEC) and would work with Scholars to reinvigorate this program.  If that is of interest, please indicate it in your application.

Applications are due December 18, 2021

Essay Prompt:

Please write an essay about why you would like to become a Wrighton Leadership Fellow. Your essay should answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be a Wrighton Leadership Fellow?
  • What leadership experience or project you will undertake over the course of the semester?
    • Include project/leadership goals and timelines
  • Your leadership qualities/potential and why you would benefit by participating in the Program.

Please limit your essay to 500 words or less. We recommend you compose your essay in a separate text file, outside of the form, and then cut/paste your final written submission. This will allow you to properly compose and edit your submission, as well as save a copy for your personal files.

Please direct questions to Laura Benoist, Associate Director, McDonnell Academy.

Wrighton Leadership Fellows 2019

The McDonnell Scholars selected must have a project or demonstrated leadership in the McDonell Academy, Washington University, or the broader community, and a commitment to intercultural collaborations.