Maurice Efroza

McKelvey School of Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering (PhD)

Maurice Efroza received his Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Universitas Indonesia in 2023. His research, under the provision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Anne Zulfia Syahrial, focused on waste-derived flash-jouled synthesized turbostratic graphene. Maurice also researched extensively in locally resourced photocatalyst semiconducting materials from Indonesian ilmenite and cassiterite minerals with Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Herman Yuwono’s laboratory. Maurice is currently studying at the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at WashU. While pursuing his PhD, Maurice plans to focus his research on advanced and energy materials such as battery technologies as well as semiconducting materials.

Beyond research, Maurice is a passionate advocate and a leader in the material science and sustainability community in Indonesia which he demonstrated as the co-founder of GPTech, the first student-led research-based social entrepreneurship that gives a platform for Indonesian youth to contribute to various ways to improve the materials circular economy in Indonesia.

Maurice has received various awards such as Most Inspiring SDGs Campus Ambassador in Indonesia given by the Indonesian Ministry of Regional Planning, Merit Award from ASEAN Geospatial, and graduated Cum laude from Universitas Indonesia.

Maurice also enjoys watching movies, playing sports, and exploring various aspects of the city he currently resides in.