The world is experiencing dramatic changes in many ways including social, environmental, political, and technological forces. Research universities play a critical role in helping to understand and shape these forces. Given their scope and impact, collaborative work involving faculty across countries is key, as is the work of faculty from many different disciplines.

It is in this spirit that we host McDonnell Academy International Symposium Workshops.
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Symposium Signature Workshop

Hidden Costs of the Pandemic: Local and Global Perspectives

October 29, 2020 | 1:20 – 3:15 PM CST

Join us for a panel discussion featuring local and global perspectives on the hidden costs of the pandemic. Experts across disciplines and countries will reflect on the many ways in which Covid-19 has transformed our lives – from the impact on women and children to the financial strain posed by the pandemic and its effects on mental health.

This event is co-sponsored by the Institute for Public Health and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. The panel is taking place ­at the Institute for Public Health’s 13th Annual Conference: COVID-19 Pandemic: Response, Lessons Learned, and Recovery. The conference will be presented in a hybrid format (live for a limited audience and virtual for everyone), is free and open to the WashU community, and to the public

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